A 6´4¨ Blonde Haired Gringo is Pretty Freakin Awesome

Hey its P-day!! This computer is also super busted. But I have lots of news. Not much time to say it. I´m trying to upload pictures… I hope they come through. That alone is taking up a lot of time. Luckily I have an hour to email instead of 30 minutes.

Anyway… where do I start? I guess with my trainer… out of about 10 Nortes 3 got paired with a Latino and I was one of them. His name is Elder Paniagua… and is wonderful. He is very patient, smart, knows the area very well, and most of all is a hard worker, and is obedient. He is wonderful, and my Spanish is ah´sploding. It’s great. Frustrating at first… but I’m moving along nicely. I know time is going by because I have had 3 companions already.

But anyway, I have been assigned to the city of Huehuetenango. Its is just a small Xela, but the people here are very hard hearted. We have a 50% inactivity rate, however everyone here is super nice. They all think that as 6´4¨ blonde haired gringo is pretty freakin awesome. Anyway… the members are wonderful of course… our apartment is nice… and there are cows dogs chickens and roosters EVERYWHERE!! I get woekn up by one of the 4 every morning. Cadillac problems though. I’m in Guatemala dangit…

So my first day was exhausting… but we did a lot of good. We have actually been doing very well for the mission. We have a 14-10-10 goal for the mission which means 14 references, 10 new investigators, and 10 lessons taught to less active or recently baptized. We had a 24-14-10 week which is wonderful. I have been trying to say as much as I can to get used to the language, and bearing my testimony a lot, and contacting the best I can. I still suck really bad, but hey all new missionaries suck at these things. I’m getting better. I just gotta show the patience.

So when it comes to writing, it doesn’t really matter, as long as it is done via US Postal Service… if you do it via UPS or any private company I might kill you. It is very expensive to receive letters that way. So just do US Postal Service. (p.s. Mom, the package was waiting for me in the mission home =) ) so that’s the update.

Just know that things are pretty legit here… and that everyone is loved. Thank you so much for the support. Oh! P.S. Elder Bench from Las Vegas was in my area not too long ago. That’s pretty cool. Anyway… Ima try these pictures again. They are of my area. Talk to you all later. Love you all =)

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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1 Response to A 6´4¨ Blonde Haired Gringo is Pretty Freakin Awesome

  1. Betsy Fowler says:

    He’s in the field! YAY!!!!!!! What a great letter! and might I add that “a pretty freakin awesome 6´4¨ Blonde Haired Gringo is even Pretty Freakin AwesomeR”

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