Daaaaaagic Mountain

Well, obviously this means that we went to Magic Mountain. It was a blast! If you ever get a chance to go, there is a secret roller coaster in the back corner of the park that I had never ridden before called Apocalypse. It is a random, weird lookin’ wooden coaster with very odd scenery with a weird aura about it. We decided to go on it anyway, and it turned out to be one of the best rides I have ever been on. Maybe they had just waxed the track, but it was very fast, had lots of cool curves, and had fire too! Anyway, it was good to see my old roommate and good friend Robert Bogh again. I hope I see him often when I get back from the Mish. Chair smash and the BoM left on the list!

A nice sight at the entrance of the park

3 hours of waiting in line was worth the front seat spot on Tatsu!

Daaaaaa Robert and Max in line for Riddler’s Revenge.

Some line. Nothin’ new here.

Why is it that Ethan and I are both wearing jeans and crossing our arms, while Robert and Max have tan shorts and have their arms hanging down? That was not planned!

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