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Looking for what I'd like to be when I grow up; I like to find reasons to wear excellent outfits. I am consistently a work in progress, and I admit I definitely over-think it all...

Communication preferences

When Kathryn left, I looked forward to the freedom I would have with the Peace Corps’ policy on communication to home. Unlike Aaron’s mission, we have access to Kathryn through every means we had when she was away at college. … Continue reading

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Something from Albania

Originally posted on WildKat Formation:
Well, here I am. I’m not going to give you a play-by-play of last week because, well, it would be tedious for me as the writer and you as the reader. Suffice it to say…

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Awe inspiring nature!

If I could chose a prefect day to bring a camera, it would be today. and I forgot my camera. GAAAHHH!!!! Omg today was amazing!!! Ivan´s family, Anxo´s family, and Diego´s family (and their Americans) all went out for an … Continue reading

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Over the past six months (and actually longer), I have watched Kathryn run the Peace Corps gauntlet. I have watched her deal with being an adult living in her parents’ house (not recommended for the average independent person, btw), frustrating … Continue reading

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Six months

Aaron has been gone six months. I look back at my posts that I made when the boy left: posts with titles like “suffering” and “sacrifice.” I have a vague memory of feeling that way. I had written the Missionary … Continue reading

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I love the internet

Sure, I waste a lot of my time online. Today it actually paid off. While checking Facebook, I noticed I was tagged in a post. A woman I have never met posted a picture with the caption: “Found another Vegas … Continue reading

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Courage pays off

Well, it has been a very busy three weeks: we have had to be considerably more “fun” than we usually are. Our lazy afternoons doing homework and social networking whilst eating popcorn have been replaced by trips all over Las … Continue reading

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Deer in the headlights

Welcome to Ivan, our Exchange Student! He will be with us for three weeks. When we picked him up from the airport, he had been traveling for 25 hours. Not surprisingly, he looked a little tired: After a bit of … Continue reading

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Patience and Flexibility

Here is the question I get most of all these days: “When does Kathryn leave for the Peace Corps?” It feels comparable to the good-natured question, “when are you going to have children?” if you’re recently married. The short answer … Continue reading

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Commencement for all of us

Listen to any run of the mill graduation speech, and invariably a speaker will remind the audience that the word ‘commencement’ doesn’t mean you’ve finished your degree, it means you are beginning something new. We graduate as changed people, ready … Continue reading

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