Commencement for all of us

Listen to any run of the mill graduation speech, and invariably a speaker will remind the audience that the word ‘commencement’ doesn’t mean you’ve finished your degree, it means you are beginning something new. We graduate as changed people, ready for something bigger. The University of Oregon Commencement ceremonies were lovely. And, at this point, I could list all of the wonderful things Kathryn has accomplished during her four years as a Duck–it certainly has been wonderful watching her grow and develop (just look at this brilliant post that she wrote a few weeks ago). While it certainly does feel like my daughter is commencing some new, interesting adventure with a new set of skills, I couldn’t help but think about what has changed for our family as a result of her decision to go to a PAC 12 school.

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As we commence on our new phase of life as the Snow family, with this college graduate within our ranks, we are different. We are now Ducks Fans (and because of that, we also developed some disdain for certain teams and not just because they have blue football fields). We have a new appreciation for the charm and personality of Eugene and Florence, Oregon. We are open to getting our news from Comedy Central. We love Epictetus and discussing philosophy, and we love knowing that one of our presidents was drunk at his inauguration. Mostly, we are different because we have learned from a certain young lady that hard things are worth doing. We have preached and practiced that sentiment all our lives, but watching someone go through it they way she did just adds depth to that belief. Way to go, kiddo. We are changed, and our world is bigger because of your choice. Thanks for the ride.

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