Hello from Guatemala!

Hey I made it to the CCM! They are giving us 10 minutes to send a
quick email. The flight was nice, and the people are so short, but
wonderful! In our travel packet we got a Spanish pass along card, and
so I talked to a random guy named Juan in Spanish, told him who I was
and what I was about, and gave it to him! It was awesome!! He was uber

Anyway it was so great to talk to you. What a rare but precious
opportunity. I´m also sorry that I didn’t have much to say. I was just
caught up in the moment I suppose. Hey I also got your picture! Ethan and Kat look awesome!

I have a new companion named Elder Smith, he is pretty cool, and looks like… crap I can´t think of the movie right now, but I will update you on Saturday (Our P Day) if I remember what character this kid looks like. I have been here for a few hours and can already tell it will be interesting but fun. We had our first breakfast, it was amazing! Real eggs that come from real cheekuns are super good. But if you don´t eat it all, the chef will take it as an
insult! So we have to eat it all! I had way too much on my plate so it was very hard to eat it all, but I managed, and I do not think the chef wants to beat me up…yet.

Gah the enter button does not work so this is just one huge block of an email [note from Mom–this was fixed in blog production :)], but hey it was great to talk to you again. I hope you had a great trip, and have a safe week! I´ll give a better report on Saturday. I love you guys so much! Thanks for keeping the letters coming. I´ll try to send one today! Bye! ❤

Elder Snow

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