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Looking for what I'd like to be when I grow up; I like to find reasons to wear excellent outfits. I am consistently a work in progress, and I admit I definitely over-think it all...

Deer in the headlights

Welcome to Ivan, our Exchange Student! He will be with us for three weeks. When we picked him up from the airport, he had been traveling for 25 hours. Not surprisingly, he looked a little tired: After a bit of … Continue reading

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Patience and Flexibility

Here is the question I get most of all these days: “When does Kathryn leave for the Peace Corps?” It feels comparable to the good-natured question, “when are you going to have children?” if you’re recently married. The short answer … Continue reading

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Commencement for all of us

Listen to any run of the mill graduation speech, and invariably a speaker will remind the audience that the word ‘commencement’ doesn’t mean you’ve finished your degree, it means you are beginning something new. We graduate as changed people, ready … Continue reading

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Ambush phone calls

I’m not sure many moms, knowing that their son is leaving the country, wouldn’t have that perpetually on their mind the day the flight is scheduled to take off. I sadly admit that the only thing to take my mind … Continue reading

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I’ve had a bit of a setback the past few days. I signed up for a Missionary Moms email list, and I was put in their Guatemala Missionary Moms group. What an invaluable resource that has been! I am now … Continue reading

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It is not a pleasant thing, letting go, even temporarily, something you love. Yesterday I watched my son march away to serve for two years, and yet that wasn’t all I was letting go. I must confess I LOVE my … Continue reading

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Mormons in the Peace Corps

I’ve been doing a little research, seeing how often Latter-Day Saints choose to serve in the Peace Corps. I came across a few blog posts that might be interesting for you all to read. I think missions largely exhaust our … Continue reading

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