Mormons in the Peace Corps

I’ve been doing a little research, seeing how often Latter-Day Saints choose to serve in the Peace Corps. I came across a few blog posts that might be interesting for you all to read. I think missions largely exhaust our ‘volunteer years’ in this Church, and it is easy to see that the goals of both LDS missions and the Peace Corps are very similar. It’s probably just fine that we don’t do both, but it’s too bad that some don’t choose the Corps just to represent some diversity. It’s good to see that some venture out there in the capacity as Americans Who Serve, and just happen to be representatives of the teachings of Jesus Christ as well. I am glad I have a chance to have both at the same time. Let’s hope Kathryn’s assignment works out for her!

Check out the links below:

Here is just a little anecdote from a volunteer in Bulgaria

This is an interesting comparison of the two service opportunities (though I wish they’d back up their facts with some references or something–who knows what’s true and what’s opinion)

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