The times, they are a changin’

So, as I am trying to figure out how to configure this new blog, Aaron is talking to his friend from BYU (Serene) online. They are playing “a trip to the Hajj” together. He really enjoyed his Middle Eastern Studies class this past semester. Today we purchased a bunch of stuff for him to pack for his mission which is coming up soon.
Ethan is on his computer doing his always demanding homework, and we just got done having a conversation about his Spanish Exchange program coming up next school year, which we’ve had to do a lot of paperwork for lately.
Kathryn and I had a conversation last night about what kind of cell phone she is going to need when she goes into the Peace Corps in a few months. And Jacob just stopped by to get a tie so he could go to his second City Council meeting, and we spent some time talking about the budget shortfall the City is facing and how he is going to try to handle it.
This is not an unusual set of circumstances for our family these days, and that’s why it’s time to do a family blog. Gone are the days when soccer practice was the only real thing that complicated our lives. We are mobile, active, and launching, and I want to create a place where we can chronicle our lives in a way that’s a little deeper than our Facebook posts. Let’s hope this works…

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Looking for what I'd like to be when I grow up; I like to find reasons to wear excellent outfits. I am consistently a work in progress, and I admit I definitely over-think it all...
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