Aaron’s definitely home

Aaron’s been home for a while now, and it feels like old times. He, like his father, is content to just hang around the house, and he spends most of his time eating us out of house and home. How do I deny him any food knowing that he won’t be eating this way much longer? We tried to find out what people eat in the highlands of Guatemala but haven’t had much luck.

The other way I know Aaron’s home is that the house is a MESS. He has his own brand of clutter, and it is a little overwhelming sometimes. A lot of it involves empty plates, bowls, and mission gear laying around. It’s hard to describe other than that, but suffice it to say, we all know when Aaron’s been in a room.


Lucky for us, those minor inconveniences pale in comparison to just having his sweet self around all the time. He remains the kindest, most gracious person I have ever known. I never receive more compliments on my cooking than when he’s home, and he is always quick to thank me for doing the most minor things for him. I know Jake and Ethan are having the same experience. I fear we will have a very difficult time sending him on his way.

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1 Response to Aaron’s definitely home

  1. Mama Theo says:

    He is truly remarkable.

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