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Six months

Aaron has been gone six months. I look back at my posts that I made when the boy left: posts with titles like “suffering” and “sacrifice.” I have a vague memory of feeling that way. I had written the Missionary … Continue reading

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I love the internet

Sure, I waste a lot of my time online. Today it actually paid off. While checking Facebook, I noticed I was tagged in a post. A woman I have never met posted a picture with the caption: “Found another Vegas … Continue reading

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Ambush phone calls

I’m not sure many moms, knowing that their son is leaving the country, wouldn’t have that perpetually on their mind the day the flight is scheduled to take off. I sadly admit that the only thing to take my mind … Continue reading

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I’ve had a bit of a setback the past few days. I signed up for a Missionary Moms email list, and I was put in their Guatemala Missionary Moms group. What an invaluable resource that has been! I am now … Continue reading

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