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“Hard Work and Dedication”

Dear Michael Phelps: It was the oversized ears, the goofy grin, and the genuine happiness you displayed after each victory that made me–a 14-year-old at the time–fall in love with you during the 2004 Athens Olympics. Oh, and the washboard … Continue reading

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Ambush phone calls

I’m not sure many moms, knowing that their son is leaving the country, wouldn’t have that perpetually on their mind the day the flight is scheduled to take off. I sadly admit that the only thing to take my mind … Continue reading

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Seeing Aaron go was very difficult because we have spent our entire lives together: in school, at church, on swim team, and we even worked together for a while.  Unlike many feuding siblings I know, we actually like hanging out … Continue reading

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Over packing

Aaron is nearly packed. Or, perhaps I should say, I am nearly done packing for Aaron. I have found that coping with the impending loss of a family member (because that’s how it feels) leads me to find comfort in … Continue reading

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Universal wash and camping supplies

I have been getting more and more weird about Aaron leaving–not sleeping, not thinking straight–but more on that later. While part of me is just not myself these days as we approach Aaron’s report date, there is a part of … Continue reading

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