Over packing

Aaron is nearly packed. Or, perhaps I should say, I am nearly done packing for Aaron. I have found that coping with the impending loss of a family member (because that’s how it feels) leads me to find comfort in the things I love to do. I have already posted about shopping. Now, my love of organizing has really kicked in. I am organizing for Aaron’s departure by perfecting what’s in his luggage, and I am also organizing his things that will stay here at the house when he is gone.

Aaron has two bags that he will be taking on his mission–that’s all he’s really allowed, and it’s all that’s practical given that he won’t have any help dragging his belongings across airports and such. I have divided his things into two piles (one pile per bag): a Guatemala pile and an MTC pile. I am hoping that he will only have to open one bag in the MTC and the other bag, the one with the mosquito netting, the Pepto Bismol, and the waterproof boots, can stay packed and ready to go until his first area. I will let you know if that works.

Yay Ziploc!

The other organizing I’m doing involves keeping his stuff here. We got a giant Rubbermaid container to keep his Buckethead CDs and iPod, as well as other ‘expensive’ stuff safe. But, for the t-shirts and coats and socks and stuff, I have fallen in love with Ziploc totes. They are lightweight and flexible so they are easily filled and then get stuffed in lots of nooks and crannies in our closets. They come in many sizes. I officially have a new toy. I will be using them for many, many things in the house.

The question continues to nag me: am I sending him with too much stuff? Is this like the time I prepped him for his scout camp at Havasupai and was so worried he’d starve I packed his backpack with 60 lbs. worth of supplies, and he had to hike miles with it on his 14-year-old frame? Perhaps. I am even glad Aaron got a meningitis shot even though it was only suggested, not required. Lots of stuff, lots of shots. Over preparing. There is a chance that I am seeking comfort in preparing Aaron so that I know I’ve done everything I could to ensure his comfort and success. There is a chance that I just like to organize. Either way, the poor kid is stuck with me.

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Looking for what I'd like to be when I grow up; I like to find reasons to wear excellent outfits. I am consistently a work in progress, and I admit I definitely over-think it all...
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3 Responses to Over packing

  1. janelle says:

    1. I'm excited to try the Ziploc totes!! 2. I think it is sweet and healthy that you are preparing Aaron to know that you have done everything possible that you can do. Loved the post!

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