Ken Jennings and Buckethead

So here is a funny story. Mom, I did get the email with the picture of that Doctor Farnsworth from Futurama and had a GOOD laugh, BUT as soon as I got out of it to reply to some other email, it got deleted! Ha! It is a good thing I did not reply or else it might not have been received. But I enjoyed that very much, so thank you. Keep em coming if they are good enough to see just once!

When it comes to the whole email address situation and sending stuff I have a few opinions on the matter. I think email should be family only, as I will have more time to communicate with them. I also can’t even email friends so that would just be a waste of an email. And even if some letters don’t get through, they will certainly help. They are most preferable, even though they are less likely to be received. So that’s the deal with that. And as for my address, I’m not sure what the full address is yet. I will find out though. There is a chance that it could be in my mission packet thing. If you find out, please do update the blog! Also, the Dear Elder thing works great. I highly recommend that to everyone, even though I do love your pictures that you include, a lot =)

So this week was interesting. We started teaching lessons WITHOUT notes, and simply relying on our past vocabulary and the Spirit. It worked surprisingly well actually, and we have already gotten one of our investigators to read the Book of Mormon, and is interested in baptism. Whether or not he is just going easy on us, or we are actually Spanish spiritual giants, I don’t know. I’m thinking it is the first one, but oh well. BTW the Alex guy we taught last week is our new teacher and is very very helpful. We are teaching him again, except he is a different guy. I think his new name is Lucio. We’ve only taught him twice, and the second time he said his name was Emmanuel, so I don’t know for sure. We are still finding lots of opportunities to be humbled and grow, that’s for sure!

“Who is Elder Snow’s Branch Presidency’s First Counselor’s son?”

So I have a few interesting facts for you all, fact one is that the 1st counselor in my branch is called Ken Jennings Jr. His son, Ken Jennings III retired when he was 30 years old, because he is THE Ken Jennings!! (The Jeopardy guy in case any of you don’t remember). Fact number two, I have withheld saying anything about Buckethead up until Tuesday. I have tried very hard not to bring him up so that I could focus on the work, but my companion got it out of me. So that’s cool. I hope that the family is keeping up with his record releases for when I get home =) I may be a missionary, but I can still like Buckethead, right? Third and last interesting fact. My “roommate” Elder Luttmer has some relatives with the last name of Gardner. I looked at his pedigree chart, and I’m pretty sure that he is my 5th cousin. Small world. I have yet to see Jon Jon Fitzgerald, but I see Tanner about twice a week, and another good friend of mine Robby Nelson who I grew up in Vegas with. Other than that, we go about our day hearing all sorts of crazy rumors about Guatemala. I hear about how great the food is, even though you get only one choice. I hear that it is just a box, not other buildings, but that It is super nice, like a vacation home, and I hear there is a lot of soccer. Either way, I just hope the 6 weeks that I will be there go by fast so I can learn the language and spread the Gospel. Holy cow we leave for another country on Tuesday! Please keep our travel party in your prayers as we have a lot of crazy things to do and a lot of late night flights to catch.

Sorry no pictures again, the MTC had some sort of picture printer, but it’s busted… just because I got here. But of the 600 picture slots on my camera I have only taken about 30, but I’ll take a lot more once I get to Guatemala I’m sure.

Thank you so much for your letters! They have easily been the best part of my week. Just a few more days until I will receive NO letters and packages HAHA! Just kidding… (I hope) But once again, thank you so much for your consideration and your love. It really is great to know that I have such a strong support group at home. I love you guys so much, and hope that your summer will treat you well. Continue to pray for the missionaries, we all have a lot of work to do.

-Elder Snow

I am super nervous for the future, but also very excited.

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