Love a little more

Hey cheek-kuns! Last full week here in the CCM. Wow, what a week. We got to proselyte without Latinos on Monday, that alone was quite amazing. Amazing because Elder Smith and I had more success this time than with our Latino. Possibly because the people knew we did not know Spanish perfectly, so they just smiled and left with our pamphlet… but I
don’t think so. Elder Smith placed the first Book of Mormon, then I gave another one to another guy (with a backup testimony from Elder Smith) But it was amazing. Each person was so interested, and promised us that they would read it. We gave away 10 pamphlets, 2 Books of Mormon, so 12 people contacted. For 2 hours that is very good! On the bus ride back, there was a Guatemalan woman sitting by herself, and a lot of other Elders were standing around her not doing anything, (Latinos and Nortes) so I told them to talk to her…none of them wanted to, possibly because they did not want to bother her, she was listening to music, her head was turned away, or the fact that she might have been very attractive to them (haha) so they did not want to be tempted. So I squeezed out of my tiny chair, ducked under a few of the overhead lights, sat down next to her, and talked to her about the Doctrine of Christ and gave my last pamphlet. It was sah-weeet! Maybe I was being a bit cocky in front of the others, but I wanted to accomplish my goal of giving away all our pamphlets.

You wanted to talk to me, Elder?

So since it is our last week, we have a lot of workshops and stuff, and are preparing for the whole packing endeavor and interviews with the President. He told me that it rains a lot there (Xela), that it gets to 45 degrees in the night, but that it is easily the most beautiful city in Guatemala and possibly Central America. He also said that lots of members are there, and that the people are absolutely wonderful. Phew… Thank goodness. I have been very nervous about finally going into the field. However I am also very excited! As soon as I get used to the work, speaking Spanish, (and understanding it) and get used to the food =-/ Things will go great I’m sure, and time will hopefully start flying.

So lots have been asking about addresses lately so I should say that my address does change, and I don’t know if dearelder works anymore, but it is worth a try…if you wanna be cool and just send an international letter, it is just 3 US stamps, and it gets here in 2 weeks. Most appreciated my friends [Mom’s note: everything has been updated on the ‘Contact Aaron‘ page]. Thank you so much for your support so far. I love hearing from the Vegas kids and abroad. It really makes the day worth working for sometimes.

I’d like to close saying that I know that this work is great,and that this is the best thing that I could be doing right now, but most of all that it is true! I have had a lot of time to pray to my Father in Heaven about this experience, and he has manifested the greatness of this work, and its importance, and its truthfulness many times. I encourage and challenge you all to love a little more and show true service this week. I’d love to hear about it too =)

I love you all so much. Thank you for your support. I feel it. Have a great Summer, I can officially say that SCHOOL IS COMING UP ha! But not for me! Anyway, have fun… and
make it count!

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