Headed to Xela

Hey so guess what, we got to Xela tomorrow, and we are supposed to email you now because our P-Days are on Monday now. GAH!! But that’s
okay! I get to write you one more time which is always super nice.

Concerning the whole letters and packages thing that President Brown of the Provo MTC says [about how moms sending lots of letters and packages is more for the mom than it is for the missionary–it can make it harder for a missionary to get over homesickness], I don’t know… I like getting letters man… and packages. I was so dang sad that I didn’t get it, and I hope I get it soon, since it has moonstruck chocolate in it!!! Oh well… at least I’ve got another one on the way! Thank you so much =)      Daaa

Michael Phelps didn’t even medal?? Poor guy… I hope he gets something. He is getting old =(

So we have to switch companions for today and the bus ride down, and my companion is an Elder Garcia, a Latino who is about 5 ft 5 inches… pretty much a foot shorter than me, but he is great. He and I are both worried about our trainers. I hope that goes well for us. I’m super worried that I’m gonna get the guy who has 1 month left and is a trainer because he hasn’t trained anyone yet and would feel bad if he never got to. Oh well… I just want to make sure i’m effective and doing everything right.

“I am here to scare you to death”

I think about you guys plenty and hope things are going well. Please pray for these leaving missionaries… we’ll need all the comfort we can get. We’ve had a lot more workshops lately that are trying to help us, but are really just scaring us. They really shouldn’t do that… but I’m not too worried. I’m good at making friends I think. I just say hola, make a cool secret handshake, make a funny face and say something rediculus in Spanish and they remember Elder Snow. One of my good Latino friends I gave a tie to remember me with and he almost cried, it was so funny, but sad. We got comfortable here, now we got to get to work. I’m excited to get out dood. (P.S. my teacher said your can learn Quiche in 3 weeks at most. It is super easy) Anyway…

I will talk to you on Monday I guess. More letters on the way, of course. I will be in the field until then, but trust me, I’ll be fine. In fact I’ll be great. I’ve received a lot of help so far in the mission, and I know that I’ll receive more. I can speak, I can walk, I can eat rice everyday, I drink lots of water, I’m healthy… after this transfer things will start picking up… I know it. Have you felt like these 2 months have been quick?? Misha says yes… Anyway I love you so much. Have fun at home… good luck with Kat coming home, and
Grandma Moonier. There should be some form of picture in the Monday email for you i’m sure =) I hope so. Bye!! I love you.

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