Our First New Progressing Investigator

So we did not have as much success this week… I don’t know if it was the hurricane that nicked Huehuetenango just a few days ago (we had a lot of rain… hurricane… I don’t know, but it might as well have been) or if the people here are just…. cheek-kuns, but we had a hard time. Up until our very last lesson on the very last day on the very last hour. We just wanted to visit some random guy who we had met a long time ago, turns out that he is not baptized… knows a bit about the Gospel, and was very very interested in our message. Both my companion and I were very surprised, and excited… so I got to help teach my first legitimate Restoration lesson. At the very end of the lesson I told him that like Joseph Smith, you can know this is true through prayer, if you knew that this church was true, would you wanna get baptized? And after answering a few more questions, he said yes!! So we have our first new progressing investigator which is freakin sweet. That made the week worth it.

Other than that, I have received some letters from people that sent them before I entered into the CCM. I don’t know what happened, but I got them 6 weeks late. Ha! So if you haven’t received a letter from me, it is on the way, I promise.

There is a chance that I could have a new companion next week. Elder Paniagua is not 100% and might have to change. But we’ll see.

I think that I am getting used to things a bit here, meaning that I am getting accustomed to the food, not having to ask my companion so many questions, and know when people are asking how tall I am. (Might I add that I apparently said that I was 1.44 meters tall; that is untrue. I did the math and I am 1.96. 1.44 is about what a Guatemalteco is.) So not much to add… other than that the city is beautiful… the people are great. My district and zone are great… and the food is awesome too. The uh… end results of the Guatemalan food have not been so great… I won’t go into that… but I am managing. I average about 5 miles of walking up and down everyday (thanks for the pedometer mom), but I hear in other places, it gets up to 20. But first… gotta get through the next 10 weeks.

Hey so lemme explain the pictures eh? There is one of me eating Reeses Pieces in my bowl… thanks to Callie Thackeray…. I have finally eaten all of your goodies… they were wonderful!! Also, there is a restaurant here called Cafe Zumbas! No, there is no zumba dancing, but it is very good. The chef, Enrique, speaks very good English, makes hamburgers, and lets every new elder put their name and home town on his wall. There are probably thousands of names on the walls, and I got to join them!! There is a picture of Captain Crunch… I was very happy when I found this in the store… haha… and one is of my scripture cases… they are beautiful. And I have received many compliments about them. And there is a picture of me in front of a capital building I think. There are lots of old-timey buildings like this… (most of them Catholic churches) and I wanted
to send a quick one again…

Thanks again everyone for the letters, and the love. I can feel it… and its legit. I hope all is well. Good luck with school prep, and have fun!!

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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