What a Week!

Let the craziness begin! What a week!

First, let me say that our companionship now has 3 members! We are in a trio! We picked up a newbie this change called Elder Medina! He is from Elder Paniagua’s ward! They grew up together. However, Elder Medina talks very fast, and very slurry, so it is very hard to understand the guy. But it is helping me to listen.

So, we had our first baptism!! Most of all, I got to baptize him! His name is Mario. He is the ”Josue” that we found 4-5 weeks ago contacting that one very lucky Sunday. But it was a wonderful baptism. We had a hermana who can play the violin play Come Follow Me, and we had refreshments and a nice crowd come and see and everything! He is such a great guy. We swapped Facebook and email stuff for when I finish so we can keep up. Great experience. (Elder Medina is also very lucky as well. He got to start his mission with a baptism.) But still. It was pretty legit!

So number 3, it was Guatemalan Independence day on the 15th, so we had to return to our house/apartment/cave or whatever you want to call it, at 6pm! There were plenty of explosions. Attached is a picture of a group of torch runners who were very nice and looked at the camera. But these guys were everywhere! It was a very weird and wild day. But happy 191 years or so Guatemala!

Another interesting thing. Our ward will get another building attachment, on the condition that this past Sunday we had an assistance of 160 people or more. The last Sunday we had 128. So we visited a lot of less active people, and decorated the chapel and everything. And this Sunday, we had 197 show up! That was awesome! So it was a very nice Sunday for Cuchumatanes.

So I figured I should be clear. Apparently there was a volcano that erupted in Guatemala just a li’l while ago, but I am very northwest so I didn’t even find out until today. No I am not dead and no one had to be evacuated. Anyway, all is well. Time is starting to move along nicely. It certainly started off slow, but I think it is moving now. One more change then I am free from being a trainee!!! Cool beans.

I hope all is well in the States. Good luck this week with the rain. Have fun in school etc. for everyone else. Take it easy. You are in my prayers and thoughts. Have fun!!

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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