Wells are scary

Hey, week 9 begins! Just 3 more weeks of this awful training program!

This week was a week of service. The whole zone came over to help us out. We spent 2 separate days cleaning out a well of a member, and those things are scary. When you are 40 feet underground with about 2 feet of space all around you, it is pretty spooky. But it took 2 full days to clean, and after that, we all decided to take a picture of our accomplishment. (Too bad the picture didn’t come through…).

This P-Day we had the opportunity to go to a place called ”The Mirador” or the looking sight (or something). It is at the very top of the Cuchumatanes mountains next to our area (which by the way are the highest in Central America). At the very top you can see all of Huehuetenango (unfortunately it was SUPER cloudy, and we were essentially breathing 50% water) but it was still pretty cool anyway. I got a picture with 4 of my favorite Elders (Thomas, Wimmer, and Scholl) at this crummy house that someone built a million years ago at the top. It is kind of like that house in Nelson that people go into just to look and climb around. Apparently it is tradition to take a picture at this house. All of the Huehue Elders have done so. So I’m part of history then! Anyway, that was pretty fun.

Everyone has been telling us that October rains the most. It is true. This week we got DUMPED ON!! Attached is a picture of us 3 Elders soaked to the bone! I’m getting sick of the rain >=-( it is not as much fun as it used to be. Oh well. Can’t complain.

This week we have been focusing on activating 2 people at once. We invite a Less-Active family to invite another family to a night of fun and games, and we teach them a little bit. So we are technically bringing 2 different families to the faith at once. We have high hopes this week for finding some new families. Other than that, Elder Snow is alive and well. 3 more weeks, then who knows what’s gonna happen. I love you all. Have a great October!!!

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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