My new son!

Elder SnowAttached is a picture of my new son Elder Ponce. He is from Peru! He is a VERY proud Peruano. He never shuts up about it. I know everything there is to know about his home. He also speaks very VERY fast… and at first I did not understand him, but now I am getting the hang of it. Better Spanish by the end of the next change????? I hope so!

That being said, he is a VERY hard worker, and loves missionary work. We have been working VERY hard. So this should be a good change.

So during changes, I met an Elder Morrow who apparently knows Scott Snow. He is a cool guy. Shout out to him and Scott! He already has a year. I remember reading his blogs when he was a newbie before the mission. So yea!

Elder Wimmer and I led the new group of trainers around Xela before we picked up our kids. We had the opportunity to visit the temple! That is one beautiful building! It was nice to visit.

After getting our kids and traveling back, we ran into December 7th. Apparently in Guatemala there is something called Dia del Diablo, or Quema del Diablo. At 6pm exactly, every Catholic brings out a full sized doll, dressed up like the devil, and they burn it! This is also an excuse to buy fireworks and set those off with it. I managed to sneak a picture. It was a bit dangerous, so we went inside and studied for about 30 minutes. It was interesting, though!

Well, That is about it. We have high hopes this week. Now that we are back to 100%, we can finally fix Cuchumatanes. I love you all. Take it easy! Happy Hobbit weekend!!!

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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