Hope for some progress

Elder SnowHey! Crazy go nuts week!

We finally got some hope for some progress, and got to meet some wonderful people. There is a family that I absolutely love that is very very VERY poor. They have a son in the mission, and he sends pictures to them via email. They give me the email address and I buy and print out the pictures for them so they can have some pictures of their missionary son (they don’t know that it costs money, I tell them that I am so good looking the photo guys give me the photos for free). And they LOVE it. One day, I was dropping off some photos, and someone from their family gave us a reference (someone that they know who we could teach, and who would be ready to hear the Gospel). Her name is Marleny, she is 10 years old and has been to church one time and LOVED it. Her parents are very busy workers and/or drunks, so she does not appreciate her situation very much, so she hangs around this family that I was visiting a lot. She likes the church, and Elder Ponce and I had the opportunity to teach her about the wonderful message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her eyes just lit up, and she loved the message. She is 10, and is reading the Book of Mormon, and fulfilling commitments, and has sincere desires to be baptized. The only problem is parental permission. To be baptized, she needs to talk to her parents. We have been praying a lot, and plan to fast even more so that she might be able to carry out this ordinance. We are looking forward very much to her success, and future in the Gospel. I hope that everything goes well.

I got a call from President last Thursday, he felt inspired to call me and tell me that despite our difficulties in this area, he encouraged me to trust in the Lord, and for the hard work that I have done, to finally come to him, and put it in his hands. I will put this in practice in hopes that Marleny receives the ordinance of Baptism, so she might come closer to our Heavenly Father. Keep her in your prayers. We have high hopes for this week! I hope everyone is having a great winter! Take it easy!

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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