Hello from Espana!

EthanHoly dumps man, I´m totally in my room in Ivan´s house emailing you right now. I just got done taking a shower! And I feel great! Ivan´s sister has a guitar. THANK THA LORD. So! to start from square one, the flights over here were horrible. Worst like… 9 hours of my life pretty much. The first one was okay, I had this super deep religious conversation with my atheist friends, and my Lutheran friend Savannah. I’m a super missionary, cuz i answered every single one of those questions, and they weren’t ever confused. I explained the entire Old Testament to my friend Sebastian. lol. The second flight was reaaaalllyyyy bad tho. They had movies n stuff but I wasn’t in the mood so I just listened to music n just.. looked around idk. Eventually I decided to see what movies were on there. Dude! They had all these new releases of movies! I watched Argo! Argo!!! It’s a sweet movie man.

Spain is soooo beautiful!!! It´s like Oregon but like… European. There´s tons of old castles and ruins of stuff. Leon is just.. awesome. Narrow streets, tall apartment buildings, big parks. I’m literally 3 minutes walking distance from the school. Ivan’s dad is the coolest too!! Great, great guy! Ivan’s house is really cool, my room is like the attic. But still cozy and private. I love it here! I was feeling kind of homesick in the shower cuz it wasn’t working at first, but I’ve decided that I just need to make myself at home now. So good news is I’m not flipping out at all, I’m doing kind of fine with the language, I understand most of everything. Culture shock isn’t settling in, yet haha. All I gotta do is smile! I hope this morning went okay with saying goodbye to Misha, tell I love her n all. I love you guys too! byeee!

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3 Responses to Hello from Espana!

  1. Mitch Snow says:

    Ethan, I hope you can continue to enjoy every minute — but those overseas flights are real killers. Visit a castle or something for me! And get a Spanish ham sandwich while you’re there.

  2. Awesome man, I had no idea you were headed there. How long you gonna be there?

  3. Cheryl says:

    Graham: Ethan will be there for two fun-filled weeks. He’ll live in Leon but at the end he will spend a day or two in Milan. Good stuff. And Mitch–a Spanish ham sandwich sounds like something worth flying on a killer overseas flight for!

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