EthanToday, everyone had to wake up at 6am in the morning for an all-day excursion to an Archeological site where the oldest remains of early humans in Europe lie! Sounds pretty cool, right? Nope. Complete waste of a day, in my opinion. But this day was rather used for more human interaction, and I’ve actually made a turning point in my Spanish speaking too.

Ivan´s entire grade was scheduled to take this trip, so Troche (our Spanish teacher) thought the Americans could tag along. The bus ride was about 3 hours long, but it was mostly just sleeping. So, we get there, and it´s like this big kinda… crevice thing. Like y´know the canyon of the crescent moon in Indiana Jones 3? It was like that but with vegetation and rocks, like idk how to describe it. Oh wait, I took pictures! hahahaaa, we had to wear hard hats because it was a crevice, and something could fall on us. My friend Elijah has dreads, so he had to wear his hard hat as if it were just resting peacefully atop his head. There were these caves cut out from this crevice where they found all the fossils and what not, and they built these giant pipe buildings around them to move up and down. It was cool seeing a legit excavation site! The tour guide spoke English, and was really pretty too. She took us to 3 different caves, explained the kind of species of pre-human (I guess) they found, and how they dig, etc. I´d say the coolest part was the underground cave we went into to uhh… watch a video. haha!

Once it was finally done, we piled back into the bus to drive to the city of Burgos, where the special museum is located that´s connected with the excavation site. In other words, they find stuff at the site and display it in the museum. But before we went to the museum, we had 4 hours to do whatever we wanted in the city. So me, Savannah, Sebastian, and Lindsey went Cafe hopping. We only went to two cafes although, it still counts! We spent about 2 hours in each just eating and talking. We just got some drinks and food and really just.. chilled. We talked about anything and everything, and really bonded as some great friends. They´re all seniors, and I´m the only sophomore so I´m cool I guess!

The 4 hours finally passed and we walked over to the museum. The museum was totally legit! I saw legit like, millions of years old skulls and bones. That was probably the coolest. I also hung out with my favorite little Spaniard Patri, and she´s so much fun so it was good hanging with her.

The reason I say I totally made a turning point in my Spanish speaking is because I totally met some Spanish girls outside of the group, and got their Facebooks, and maybe flirted a little too. In Spanish!!! I felt so proud of myself, because one of them was at least an 8 on the Ritcher scale. They told me I speak Spanish very well and all, and I also got there names for Facebook.  I feel just, more open and confident with Spanish now. It´s about time!

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  1. Mitch Snow says:

    I am so jealous. Burgos has been on my bucket list for a while now. A great historic city. And your chicas both look like more than 8 to me!

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