Excursion numero dos!

EthanToday was the second day-long excursion! This time, we traveled to Salemanca to visit the University of Salemanca and explore the city. On the bus this morning, I sat in the back with some friends. I noticed that about 5 different Spanish chicas were in nearby seats. For the first half of the ride I was just listening to music and sitting by myself, when apparently my friend Charmagne was talking with dem Spaniards about MEEE D: and other things lol. Eventually Charmagne told me to take out my earbuds and greet all these chicas. She also whispered to me that one of the chicas (the pretty one) thinks I´m cute, and that I should totally talk to her. So, me being the kind of guy I am, went for it. I started up a conversation with her in Spanish with a hint of flirt in it. Within 15 minutes we ended up sitting next to each other. Hey she´s nice, pretty, and easy to talk to what can I say? And soooo this girl Laura and I ended having this little romance together in Salemanca, I´ll admit.

The University of Salemanca is the oldest university in the world. It´s soooooo pretty too! On every building there are these little detailic statues and .. things, y´know? There´s a picture attatched of a column you´ll see. What´s really weird, is there is a hidden Astronaut in one of these column things, and I found it! There´s also a frog in a different one. And turns out, if you can see the frog it gives you good luck in your studies and in schooling. Yes!

Along with that chica Laura, I made some more friends! They were pretty much just her friends although, but I kept making them laugh a lot so that´s good. This group friends included Laura, 4 other chicas, this Colombian dude, and a little Pakistani dude who speaks 4 languages! He was pretty cool. We had 3 hours to explore Salemanca and then meet back for the long ride home. So first, we ate at Burger King. Screw fast food! I ate the turkey sandwhich that my host mom gave me. And then we really just walked around and did nothing! I guess we did stay in H&M for quite a while. We walked into a few stores, nothing really significant. But it was raining pretty hard today too.

Back at Ivan´s hosue, we played Modern Warfare 3!! Ivan is so good at this game, I´m not.

Happy Birfday Dad! What are you, 27 years old now? 27 is a great age man. I hope you had a really fun birfday; I´ll see if I can get you a present up here. But ya anyway not much to report from today!

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