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Miracle Man

Elder Snow internet masterThis is Elder Hendrickson from Illinois… he is my new companion!! Elder Lares had emergency changes! I have a gringo comp!! This is him making tacos for lunch… we always make each other meals… we’re silly that way… but he is a good friend… It is good to have someone who understands my jokes.

We have this 15 year old who was going to be baptized this past Saturday, but couldn’t because his dad did not come to Momos to sign his Registry like he said he would. So we had to look all over our area to find out where his sister lives so she could give us an address and also get one step closer to getting the signature. Her name is Jessica. The problem was that this sister is SUPER catholic, and wants nothing with the Mormons. Elder Hendrickson and I left to search in the mountains, and ask everyone and their mom where this sister lived. No one told us much… they were obviously not very good neighbors. This is where the cool part comes in. We had arrived to pretty much the middle of nowhere, and I was about to turn back, and go up another road, but Elder Hendrickson told me to wait, and go down another little path on the right. So we did. We found an old white house, and I called for someone. A woman exited, and I asked her her name. She said Maria (that usually means that she is lying, no one is named Maria, this happens all the time). But I got this little whisper in my ear that told me that this was his sister, and that her name was Jessica, she was just freaked out so didn’t want to tell us anything. So acting on the impression, I said, ”well we are looking for an Edgar who lives around here. All that I know about him is that he is a very very good guy. An awesome friend, and spoke very highly of his sister who raised him very well. He told me that he wants to be baptized, but can’t because we couldn’t find his address, but said that he loves his sister very much, and said she could help him out.” She lit up and said, ”well uh, all I know is that the address around here is blah blah blah… I know this Edgar very well, he is a good guy.” After a few other sweet talk words I managed to get the information I needed, and said, ”I’m sorry I forgot your name, it was Jessica, right?” and she said, ”Yes it is!” So That is just another cool story about how the work is nothing without the Holy Ghost. So he will be baptized this Saturday =)

I am marrying a couple this week. All of their records have either been lost, or burned in a house fire so getting their information is going to be very difficult… BUT it is not impossible. This family is very very faithful and very positive. It was quite a blessing finding them. In fact, the dad in the family is already leaving to visit other investigators with us. He loves the church. If I had one favor to ask of you all, it would be to pray to be able to find all of the documents needed to marry these people by tomorrow. Because if not, we cannot baptize them =-/ Either way… after 10 months … I think the Lord is finally giving me what I was always looking for. What a blessing.

I have attached some happy face pictures of Elder Snow. This could be a great week. I hope it goes just as well for all of you. Take care. Have fun!

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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