25 Things I Learned in Pre-Service Training

WildKat Formation

Technically I’m not a Peace Corps Volunteer until this Thursday morning, when I will be officially sworn in. I get to dress up nice and have pictures taken of me and recite an oath like I’m the President at my inauguration, which is way cool. The past three months I’ve been a “Trainee,” which basically means that I’ve been babysat by the US government. (So, like, the exact opposite of being the President.) Pre-Service Training (or PST) is the biggest pain in a Volunteer’s ass, but it’s necessary. We need this time to learn the language, get to know each other, integrate into the culture, and be prepared for life as Volunteers before we get to our permanent sites. But our schedules are jam-packed—sometimes with annoying sessions about bureaucratic jargon from Washington that the staff is obligated to cover—and seeing the same people for more than eight hours every day…

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