MTV Cribs: Posh Corps Albania Edition

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When I first submitted my Peace Corps application, I fully expected that I’d be living in a mud hut with no electricity or running water somewhere in the Sahara Desert. I imagined taking bucket showers and chasing cockroaches out of my bathroom and pooping in a hole in the ground. I was prepared to “rough it” in every sense of the word for two years. So when one of my old co-workers joined Peace Corps Kazhakstan and posted pictures of her APARTMENT on Facebook, my mind was blown. She had a functioning kitchen, a separate bathroom, a bed with a real mattress and everything! “That’s not Peace Corps,” I scoffed as I scrolled through the photos.

The above example is why some of us in Peace Corps Albania have—what I like to call—major Posh Corps Guilt. What is Posh Corps Guilt, you ask? It’s that feeling you get when you…

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