Another little baptism and other progress

Elder SnowWe baptized a little woman this week!! She is the mother of a recent convert. We knocked on her door a few weeks ago and asked what she thought of the Mormon church, and she told us that she had never been. So we invited her, she came (we had a member friend bring her) and from that point she found out that we do not worship Joseph Smith, and she really liked the experience! So we challenged her, prepared her, and well, she got baptized. This is a picture of her with her member friend. She helped us a lot!

IMG_0020So another interesting thing that popped into my head that happened this week. A recent convert named Walter is mentally challenged and runs in the special Olympics (and has actually won many awards by the way) his Father has been drinking everyday for 15 years. He wanted us to go visit him. This week, we taught him, with his family present, and made a goal to have him start little by little and start going days even weeks without drinking. As of yesterday, he hadn’t drunk in over 3 days! His first days in 15 years without drinking!! He looked great, and he even brought his whole family to church this Sunday. He and his family are starting to see the blessings that prayer, church attendance, and reading the Book of Mormon bring. We are challenging them this week to be baptized sometime in September.

To finish off, an awesome picture. There is a volcano behind the Santa Maria volcano (the one seen in the picture attached) that is active! In fact it started spewing throughout this week, and it looked really cool.


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  1. cherylgrib says:

    Aaron boy, you are awesome.

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