Love Zone

Elder SnowI ran into Elder Oborn today and his companion Elder Hays… old buddies that I met when I was in Huehue. We talked about how much we have changed, how much we have experienced, and how old we are! We never thought this would happen… but it has! It scares all of us, but it is good to know that we have experience and that we are starting to see changes and see fruits of our labors… and how bad our English is getting!

Attached is a picture of us last P-Day together as a zone… I can just tell you that everyone you can see in the picture is in my district except for 3 of the Elders… it is so crazy! But I am actually really liking it now. I am finally able to go on divisions with other areas now that I have Elders in the district. In fact I went twice last week to 2 different areas, and we put 2 baptismal dates each! It was a lot of fun!

??????????Here we are after playing volleyball as a zone, and going to a restaurant together. This picture was taken when I wasn’t paying attention, that is why I look pretty ticked, but yea! It was fun. This was the first thing that we did together as a zone since we have been here. We found out that we actually really like each other, and so we planned a zone service last week as well where we all got in a small pickup and drove a million miles away to help a member reap corn in her corn field.

Heading to the corn field

Heading to the corn field

It was even more fun so we are buying zone jerseys with our names on it and everything. This unity has been great for us. We all feel comfortable with our leaders, and are more happy when we work. So that has been a good blessing. We have lots of baptisms coming up, and hope for the best for this month.

IMG_0140 IMG_0141Here is another pic of the Santa Maria right before we got pernowned with rain. It is a pretty legit pic.

I love you! I hope you have a great week =) Don’t worry about me… I’m doing good! Hey!! I hope you haven’t sent the Christmas package, but I need Centrum vitamins… if you have already sent it, I’ll find something else. Don’t worry.

-Elder Snow

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