10 (More) Albanian Habits

WildKat Formation

A while ago, my “10 Albanian Habits” post made the internet explode. Well, at least amongst English-speaking Albanians around the world. Never did I expect that a post I wrote so quickly and innocently would become such a big deal, and even result in changing my life. I got plenty of feedback on this article, and luckily, lots of people really seemed to enjoy it. There was a minority who called me names and demanded that I leave the country in the comments section, but luckily I’ve developed a bit of a thicker skin since serving in the Peace Corps.

Since I wrote the Habits post, I’ve been kicking myself for forgetting some other Albanian habits I have that didn’t even occur to me at the time. After living here for over a year now, there is some stuff that I do that seems so normal I can’t even…

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24-year-old University of Oregon alum. Extreme moderate. Sports enthusiast, fashionista (but only in my imagination), history buff, foodie, and gypsy. I laugh at everything.
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