My First Post as a Missionary!


Hola, este es mi dia segunda…

So I have 30 minutes to write 4 days worth of stuff, BUT!! Like I said, day 4 in the MTC. I am lucky to be on the internet because there are a million people here. So I decided to be a jerk so I could send a quick word. It is our P-Day so I was very excited to give you the update. My companioin is Elder Barringer, he looks like the magician from the frosty the snowman cartoon, without the mustache of course, but he is great, and has a great testimony and isn’t afraid to share it. I room with 2 other super cool Elders, Elder Wright and Luttmer. They are both giant men filled with bowling balls, but they are cool. The work here is close to overwhelming, in fact it is. They say after Sunday things get much better, so I am one day away from a little break. Yesterday we had to teach our first investigator in Spanish!! Holy cow, what a humbling experience! I still managed to get the message across and had a decent conversation with him, but I still know absolutely nothing. I told him it was my second day though. Other than that, there has been a lot of studying, reading, and prayer. Haven’t had much free time to myself at all.

We had an Elder whose VISA did not come so he got sent to Des Moines Iowa English speaking, so that makes me nervous; however, he did not send his VISA in ASAP. He has been the only VISA problem for Guatemala……. I think ever! So keep that in your prayers.

It has been a very rough week, but I am here to spread the love of Christ to those who need it most. I look forward to being effective enough at doing so. I am excited to one day be hiking in the mountains of Guatemala! Serene told me that you put up a really nice blog post about me departing, so thank you 🙂 I miss the family so much and love you even more. I hope this upcoming week will go well for all of you. I look forward to your letters and emails. Make sure to tell Dee Allred and Mark Turner hi for me on Wednesday! iCiao!

Elder Snow

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