Old and new companions

Elder SnowMy first comp, Elder Barringer is here now in this zone! We actually got to chill a lot today, in fact he took the picture of me on the bridge! It was good to talk to him again… we talked about time in the mission, and that this year will only go fast as long as we use our experience to the maximum, and work hard! He is right… I’ve gotta keep as busy as possible…… but every now and again I do like hearing from you guys… its crazy finding out how many ladies in the family have babies in their stomachs. That has got to be really interesting. I’ll get home and everyone will have babies!

Fun fact for ya… the most common name in the world is Carlos Garcia… there are millions of them.. and I know 2 of them here in my area… hahaha!

We are having a talent night this week, and the ward heard through the grapevine that I can play the guitar! So I will be playing a song publicly for the first time in years! that should be interesting…

That is about it… Elder Albert calls me his Dad now =) even though I did not start his training he says that I am his dad =) that is awful nice. Our companionship is going really well… this is going to be a great week.

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