Comer Caballo

Hey! I’m sorry about Bill Maycock 😦 Sister Maycock will be in my prayers. Hey so I looked on my email today and I saw 14 new emails! Some were unsuccessful dearelders, and idk how to fix them, and so I will try to respond to as many as I can, but FIRST! This was our 1 month anniversary week! We have officially been in the field for 30 days. Just 1 more Olympics, 2 Christmases, 2 birthdays, 4 phone calls, 15 transfers, and 23 fast Sundays to go!

ANYWAY! So here is the update. A bunch of Latino Elders did not have dentists where they came from, so about half of them had to get their wisdom teeth out this week. Lots of sad swollen faces everywhere. HA! Luckily they seem to all be recovering very quickly,
so no worries there. It has been pretty stormy here. We had thunder that shut off power,and even had hail too! The natives say that this is nothing, and that we’re in for a treat later on this summer, and ESPECIALLY in the field.

Sorry, everyone. Couldn’t resist.

For all you horse lovers, I’m sorry, but we were surprised with horse a few dinners ago. We thought it was steak at first, so we ate it, but it still tasted funny. It was good! Don’t get me wrong, but it was just different. A few minutes later, an Elder got out his dictionary and looked up the word for horse, and told us what we just ate. HA! So now I can say that I have had horse!

So apparently there was an Earthquake in El Salvador, and it was felt here in the city. It was at 1am so I didn’t even feel it, nor was I awake. But yea!! Earthquake. Pretty legit!

So a lot of families from Honduras and El Savlador saved up enough money to go on a trip to the temple here in the city for endowments/sealings/marriage, and part of our lessons this week were to talk to them, get to know them, and ask for a referral. That was super fun! Latino members are the best. Super nice. They say Spanish is easy, and for how much we know after 4/5weeks,we will have it down in 2 months! Heck,I certainly hope so! I can’t wait to be completely comfortable with what I am saying. 4 more weeks then I’m in! We
Nortes have the special opportunity to preach the gospel to the Latino Elders as well! Not like teaching the lessons exactly, but teaching them deeper Gospel concepts, (in Spanish) and doing what we can do deepen their knowledge of the Gospel, and add to their testimonies. We are teaching a great guy, Elder Salgado, about families tomorrow, and
I’m excited to teach about the huge blessing families are. DAAA!

Hey have a great summer one and all. Thou are much loved! Keep in touch!

-Elder Nieve (DAAA Snow)

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