The Uncle Sam Hat Cake

Hey everyone! This week was crazy go nuts. Why? we got to go proselyte on Monday!! They stuffed 3 districts into a local city bus, (almost smashed my head into the light on the ceiling about 8 times) and it drove us to a random part of the city. We were given 9 pamphlets about the plan of salvation, gospel of Jesus Christ, and the restoration,and 3 Books of Mormon. I was companions with my companion Elder Smith, and our Latino roommate Elder Cortez. Elder Cortez did most of the talking, but I participated as much as I could. I explained what pamphlets said, what the Book of Mormon was, bore my testimony, and said prayers from time to time. I even answered some questions,which was awesome! I still have a lot more Spanish to learn, but I’m getting there! I was able to say things. We gave all of our Books of Mormon away, and contacted 9 people! We got 5 people’s information for discussions with the missionaries. It was interesting to see what people believed, but it was a lot more fun telling them about out Gospel. They either were very interested, or were just being nice. At one point, a gentleman on his way to work was about 20 feet ahead, and I decided that I’d like to talk to him anyway. I started walking faster, and my companions did too… but he was still walking too fast, so I decided to use my legs and started running, I eventually caught up to him, but my companions were still behind me, so I just talked to him for a while and asked him if we could talk to him about our church, and he responded very well. I guess it was worth the work!

It was the 4th of July here, and it was actually very nice! One of the chefs here made a giant Uncle Sam hat cake, and we got to eat it for dinner, and we had paninis and steak and all this other crazy American food. Baked potatoes (the Latinos have never seen those before, and did not eat them ha!) Apple pies, and all sorts of great stuff. It was really

Pros about this weekend. So we get our cameras this weekend! Ima take 1,000,000 pictures or so, so that will be nice, and on Tuesday we get to go out into the city with the president and shop at the markets and take pictures and eat at Wendy’s. Yesterday we
learned how to barter with the marketers in the bazaars. They will see our white skin and blonde hair and think… MONEY!! So we had to learn how not to get ripped off. I will be sure to bring lots of souvenirs home. I’m soopour excited!

Cons about this week, all of our Latinos are leaving on Monday and Tuesday. We have made really good friends with them =(. whats funny is that the other American elders that leave this Monday we don’t really care about. They weren’t very nice, however, the Latinos will be missed. We’ve already started the goodbye notes in their journals.Ha! 3 more weeks then that will be us!

I’m super ready to go into the field, I can’t wait to get this language down, make friends with investigators and companions, and most of all preach the Gospel! I’ve learned so much myself while I’ve been out here, and I can’t wait for someone else to know what I know. BUT!! until then, I gotta survive 15 more 10 hour class days so I know what these people are saying to me.

That’s the update. Letters have started coming in! Thank you so much! However I recommend dearelder until I leave for the field. Therefore, I will receive them before I leave for the field. Ha! Please write!! We only get mail once a week, and the weeks
we don’t get anything are very sad =(. I miss you all, and hope to hear from you. I hope everyone is having a great summer. You’re about half way done! Make it count! Anyway, Guatemala is great… food is great… people are great… Gospel is great… can’t wait… that
rhymed. Awesome.

Take it easy! I love you all.

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