I’m some sort of circus!

Hola! Thanks again for the pedometer  (I think thats what it is called). We walk about 6 miles everyday… about 70,000 steps a week. Its crazy…
but worth it. We have been getting more investigators this week, and 3 of our most promising investigators have been coming to church as well which is amazing! This is what we’ve been working for. We hope to challenge each of them with a baptism date this week. Please pray for us… we haven’t had sufficient baptisms here in a very long time!

Anyway I’d like to talk about the mission life for a bit. There are a lot more Gringos here than Latinos (missionaries) but we only really get to see each other once a week on p-day when we play soccer as a district… or when we are at Cafe Zupas . But I see my old companion Elder Smith and other good friends from the CCM a lot during
these times. But when it is just me and my companion (btw it is just us in our apartment) I get lots of ”gringo!! gringo!!” from the kids… and I’m tempted to just say ”chapin!! chapin!!” somedays… but I know that Christ probably wouldn’t do the same… but it is funny. The people think I’m some sort of circus! I’m 6’4” they are 4’6”. I’ve got blonde hair and am a goofy guy, so whenever I’m around its a party for them for some reason. Its kind of funny…and might have actually gotten us some appointments as well. hahaha…

So I had to give a talk in church this past week. I talked about obedience and the Spirit and how it applies to missionary work. I was very nervous… but apparently did well. One of our investigators that was there told me that I did ”buenisimo” which helped a lot. Our ward had 130 people last Sunday which is actually pretty good… not very… but pretty good… and it is full of very unpunctual people. hahaha. But they are absolutely lovely. I love every single one of them…

There is something here called morcafe… which is Mormon coffee, and they only drink this stuff in Guatemala apparently… so i guess i got pretty lucky… or not… because it is pretty gross. And the members offer it to us all the time… and we have to drink it… >=( hahaha its cool though… I’m drinking Mormon coffee in Guatemala!! Other than that… I would really just like to say thank you for the letters. I have gotten some more old ones… BUT I GOT EM =D its wonderful… and I hear letters have been received from you all as well. So thank you again… and I love you all. After this week I’ll have just about 3 months under the belt… keepin on truckin… I love you all… good luck to those who have school too. Les vaya bien!

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