I’m-a learning

Fourth week in the field. Starting to get used to things now. I now recognize names faces, directions, and houses which is really nice. With this knowledge my companion has been pushing me even more. As of last night, I taught a quick lesson to a less active family all by myself! He didn’t have to fix me in anything really big. So I ma learning! And he thinks I am learning as well which is great. However… there is always something to be learned. We have had a lot of drama with some investigators of ours. we have 5 major ones. One we caught smoking one night, one just doesn’t want to be baptized and probably knows more about the church than some Elders, one always leaves when we organize a visit, one could possibly already be baptized! (I have no idea how that happened) and one is completely golden, is reading the Book of Mormon, has even filled out the dumb little questions on the back of the pamphlets that we give her, but is always dropping a church attendance opportunity =( so this week is gonna be weird trying to fix all of this. But at least there is work.

Our secret clubhouse

Speaking of my area and the work here, I believe now that I started in one of the best areas. We have one of the highest church attendances, we get a member lunch EVERY day, everyone is super nice, we have a large area to proselyte in, and our apartment actually is not that bad. It is weird because we get hot water only through the shower through a dim little light bulb, and our place is essentially a secret club house (you open the outer door, walk up some stairs, and you’re on a roof… then there is a secret staircase to the back that has our bathroom kitchen and bedroom). But I really can’t complain. In Momostenango, it is essentially living like you’re in the 1600s. Candlelit stuff etc… however… once again… can’t complain.

Gah!! I wish my SD card could be read (this computer is busted and won’t read my SD card, so there are no pictures this week =( which stinks because I took some good ones)! The computers here aren’t exactly top notch. Next week will be much better. But to be completely honest this week was not too eventful. It has just been lessons and walking. Our ward has about 9 Elders preparing for missions right about now, so we have been taking them out on splits quite a bit. Its pretty weird too, because I was doing the same thing not too long ago, and now I am in a different country! With a name tag! Its crazy go nuts! One day I will be like the old Elders and have disgusting shirts with ruined brown (used to be black) shoes. Until then I’ve got 5 baptisms we have to worry about.

As of this up coming week, I have 21 months left on the mission. Holy cow this has been going by so slow. But at least it is going. No one ever really talks about their first 3 months in the field… so maybe after then things will start to get interesting. However, I am alive and well. Gettin work done too. I love you all. If you have sent me a letter like a million years ago and not gotten anything I’m sorry =( we get mail about once a month! So its not my fault! Anyway… I hope summer was tight-diggity. Keep in touch!

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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