The Merciless Peppers of Quetzalzacatenango

Still here in Huehuetenango in Cuchumatanes. We begin week 6!! After this week, I am half way done being trained! Whether or not I feel half way ready to be solo with just another companion, not quite sure. I still have trouble teaching people, and not lessons, but it is coming. Also contacting. Contacting sucks you guys. I’m gonna be honest, there is a better way than to just knock on doors everyday. Grrr. Ha its not that bad… but anyway. So! My computer decided to work again! Therefore, I have new pictures. To accompany the picture of the chili pepper, enjoy this short film:

So interesting facts about Guatemala, there are 52 languages here. And I have heard 4 of them so far. English, Spanish, Quiche, and a language called Aguacatil. Very weird, but cool! Secondly, Michael Jackson is very big. Not sure why, but I hear Billie Jean almost every day! Thirdly, Edible arrangements is here as well. It is in English, and they have business and everything. I saw a guy with a clip board writing down some orders just the other day. Super funny!

In general, this week was kind of frustrating. 1. I am not a perfect missionary yet, 2. We haven’t had sufficient success, and 3. We haven’t had sufficient success because our members are not very supportive. I feel like it is just Elder Paniagua and I working sometimes. We have tracted, walked, and hiked more this week than I have on my entire mission. Its crazy. We fasted this week for a breakthrough. This being said…. the bright side is that I am starting to understand the people a bit better. Not perfectly… but I know that it is coming. Holy cow it feels good just to UNDERSTAND!! Secondly, we gave another Book of Mormon away (here BoMs are expensive, and are NOT supposed to be given to just anyone) so that’s pretty dang cool. Thirdly, I scored a goal in soccer today! That hardly ever happens for the gringos. Ha despite my high sense of pride this week wasn’t that bad. I have a lot more to learn, luckily I know what I don’t know so I know what to study. Things are coming along nicely here. I am accustoming well. And things are starting to speed up as well.

We get letters on Wednesday, so excited! I hope to hear from you guys. I might be all wrapped up in the Chapin scene, but I still miss you all so very much. Have fun… I hope the school season has started off well. I love you all. Take it easy!

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