It is so cool being in Guatemala kids

Daaaaaaa Final week of this change! I have 6 weeks here in Cuchumatanes! This week was interesting.

First off. We had divisions! This means that the District Leader (my companion) switches with another Elder in another area, and we do 24 hours there. I was essentially the senior companion for a day. It wasn’t too bad! I still cannot teach perfectly well, but we managed, and actually did very well. We had work, we taught lots, and actually found a less active that hadn’t been to church for years who told us that he was been worrying about his spiritual life and wondered what he should do about it. The very next day, we knocked on his door and got to talk to him. It was awesome! He was very accepting. After this, things kind of went down hill. The following days, we literally had no work. Every one was rejecting us, and we had probably 3 legit appointments, but everyone else literally didn’t want to hear us, or was not home. It sucked this much up until. Sunday. We were surprised with 2 of our most promising investigators showing up to church. One for the 2nd time which means he can be baptized! There is a good chance that we will have a baptism this week, but NO PROMISES! We’ll see, but were still very excited!!

Not much else to say here. I would love it if someone sent me the Fahrenheit to Celsius formula. Things aren’t in Fahrenheit here and I would love to be able to calculate the difference between the too. Anyway, 1 change down, 15 more to go! Ha, don’t worry. Things will start to go quicker soon, I’m sure. But it really is a blessing to be here in the mission. I love being able to speak another language, being in another culture, and most of all, helping these people come to Christ. it is wonderful. I miss you all and you are loved very much. I hope that all is well. Have a great week!

P.S. totally saw a guy with an Oregon Ducks sweatshirt today. GO DUCKS!!!

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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