A Mirror to My Life

The 3 weeks that a foreign exchange student from Spain was living in my house will always be remembered as some of the most interesting 3 weeks of my life. Emotions were flying around like busy bees. I had to use my time very wisely and carefully for homework and spending time with Ivan. Though, I’ve never had so much pizza and soda in such little time before, nor have I partied so hard with Spaniards. I actually had a little fling with a Spaniard girl (and you can probably tell how that turned out). But most interesting of all was watching Ivan inspect and digest an American’s life. Ivan did everything that I did and followed me wherever I went. He’s never seen things that I see every day and get bored with. He marveled at the glorious lights of the strip that can be found nowhere else in the world. He craved the enormously rich, fattening, and sweet American food. He climbed on the slopes of Red Rock and Knob hill. I’m sure Ivan marveled at his incredibly out-of-the-box experience. It has made me realize more about my life, and how grateful I should be for every second that would be so interesting to someone else from the world. It’s made me realize the variety and difference of every single person’s life on this earth. There are 7 billion of ’em! I think the more we know about the lives of others, the more we know about our own. I therefore cannot wait to study Ivan’s life and the Spanish culture.

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  1. Jacob says:

    I think you may need a chaperone.

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