Week 10!

Dang… this week was very weird. Firstly, I would like to say that Dear Elder Letters arrive MUCH faster than normal letters. So I suggest sending Dear Elder Letters from now on if you wish to talk to the Snowman. This was the start of the month so we get letters from Xela, and I only got one Dear Elder letter when many of you have said that letters were sent =( so I suggest Dear Elders from now on, please. Deal? Deal. Thank you =) I hope to hear from all of you.

So conference week, eh? Very interesting stuff. Lots on faith, service, and the apostle Peter!! But easily the most fascinating thing was the mission age change. Not sure how I feel about it exactly, I could have had a year and four months if that were the case for me 2 years ago… but that is okay. But a few interesting facts for you. Richard G Scott does his own Spanish translation for his conference talks. He was a mission president in Argentina, I believe, so he has good Spanish! Was not perfect… but still, better than mine. Fact number 2. I’m pretty sure the photos that were used in Dallin H Oaks’s talk were taken in Guatemala =) some of those pictures looked very familiar. Anyway, that’s Conference for ya.

Another random fun fact. The words riddle, and puzzle in Spanish are said like, ”rompecabeza” which translated literally means head-breaker! DAAAAAA lame.

So we had another divisions week. This week, Elder Paniagua wanted to work with a pair in another area, and left just Elder Medina (a newbie like me) and I behind to manage the day. Whether or not that is allowed, I do not know. However, it actually went fairly well. We did not do everything on our agenda because we got rejected a few times, but other than that, we taught lessons, worked with members and everything. It went well! In two weeks I get to do the exact same thing everyday! Gah!!

This P-Day was special. We got to rent the Huehuetenagno national soccer stadium for 3 hours (its huge), and play football. Not futbol…. football. It was wonderful. Holy cow it was great. Large field, decent sized teams and everything. It was good to actually CONTRIBUTE to my team for a change. I was getting a bit sick of soccer, so this was perfect.

Really, the mission is tough, but it is fun. You really have to be in it to appreciate it. 2 more weeks, then I am blessed with another change. Until then I hope to hear from you guys. I love you all. Keep it up this week. I hope it is coolin down in Las Vegas. Enjoy your week. Have fun!

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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