I’m an orphan

So, yes it is finally week 12 here in Huehuetenango, but I have good and bad news. Bad news first. My trainer Elder Paniagua left early this week, and left Elder Medina and I behind as orphans! We have been on our own since Wednesday. We are supposed to manage this area together until October 23rd, when changes happen. Then, who knows what will happen. However, the good news is that I am Senior companion! And I didn’t even finish my training =). Also, surprisingly, Cuchumatanes is NOT on fire, and we have actually been teaching lots of people, and getting some crucial work done. We still have LOTS to do and worry about, but we are actually making it! Turns out that we know more than the thought, and we could teach with the spirit WITHOUT Paniagua. So that has been nice. One more week, and there is a chance that he or I could leave for good. Until then, we have work to do!

So firstly, a very convenient street has finally been completed next to our house, and the whole city had this HUGE celebration. whats weird is that this street really isn’t that important, or very big, but the city is making a huge deal out of it. Parties, fireworks, and everything. Kind of an interesting note as to what goes on here I suppose.

I passed mile number 400 here in the mission this week. It adds up quick. By next week I will be at 500. Speaking of numbers getting bigger, other numbers are getting smaller. I was told by an Elder here that we are 1/5 of the way done with our missions!! Holy Johnny Bob Jones. It is coming along. Thought you would enjoy that fun fact. I sure do =)

Really this is it. The rain is starting to go away, and we have an activity planned for this week. Really the big stuff comes this week. Until then, I hope everyone is enjoying the rain, and the cool! I love you all. I hope to hear from some of you soon! Have fun, and take care!

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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