Holy dump cakes

Here we go!

I got the call this week to train, and went to the training meeting in Xela. That was nice, but once the change calls came on Sunday (where the Zone leaders call the Elders and tell them if they are going to be moved to another area) my companion Elder Medina is leaving for his new area in Xela, while I am training a brand new missionary. The problem was that we had to leave Monday morning at 6:30! We were going to eat crepes, visit some ruins, and play basketball for our P-Day, but instead we drove to Xela, AGAIN! I am going to get my new ”son” in about 2 hours actually. Not only that, but I got called to be the DISTRICT LEADER! Holy dump cakes I am a bit nervous, but excited. We get a cell phone and everything. It is pretty sweet.

Challenges are big this week, but the good thing about these past 2 weeks is that I have become a bit more accustomed to working all by myself, and planning and working hard without having to rely on my trainer to talk or set up appointments. That has been nice. I am just hoping that I don’t lose my desires to work. That is really what makes the day. As long as we do everything that we are asked to do, we will be happy, and find success. This week will be very interesting.

There really is not much else to say. Other than that I really want to see the ruins =( and that you are all missed very much. I hope that this week goes well for all. Have fun! You are loved! Take it easy!

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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