I get a cell phone

So, big week.

Let one photo tell the story of my new kid! His name is Elder Rios! He looks like a Latino, and his name looks like a Latino name too, but he is actually from Los Angeles. He is a great guy. He wrestled in high school, is 5ft 2in, and really wants to work hard. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. He doesn’t speak much Spanish now, but that will change very soon. DAAAA!!!! He is a great companion.

So, we had a couple of kids turn 8 years old this year, and 2 of them chose me to baptize them! It was a lot of fun. Having to squat down to their level in order to baptize them was a lot of fun……. more or less. But I also got to confirm one of them too. That was special. I had never confirmed somebody before. So yea! People think that the white tall blonde guy has sweet blood or something, because they let me baptize their kids!

District leader…. it is tough. BUT! According to the picture… I’ve got a cell phone, and it is pretty sah-weet. That is about it though. I get a cell phone, give people permission to go outside of the area, and sometimes tell people to get to work. So it isn’t too bad.

Oh… and a random picture of a giant ant.

We have good hopes for this week. We started street contacting a lot more, and we’ve found a lot of positive people. I hope we can make something out of it =)

Hey I love you all. Thank you for all of your support, and letters! I got some on Friday, a few days ago. Thanks for all. You are missed.

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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