It’s the week before Thanksgiving already???

Hey! How’s it goin??

So we have had an interesting week. First of all, we went to Xela AGAIN because Elder Rios still has not improved. The doctor gave him more pills to take, and told him to take it easy. He got a call from the President, and he said that he is going to call the Brethren to see if he should leave Guatemala to get things checked out. The doctors here study in the United States, and are not that bad actually. The problem is that the technology is over 30 years behind. Their MRIs have found nothing wrong with the guy, but he still wakes up in pain. We find out what will happen to him next week. Keep him in your prayers.

Other than that, we got to go to the Mirador again, except in Daytime!! We could see all of Huehuetenango and them some. It was pretty awesome.

Christmastime is already here. (I swear it gets earlier and earlier every year) The giant Christmas tree in Huehue central is already up and decorated. We Gringos, however, are not as ready as the Chapines. We still have thanksgiving to deal with. BUT! I did buy a little 100 Christmas light set, so that should get things started.

Speaking of Thanksgiving though, there is a member here who is named Enrique and he is the one who owns Cafe Zumbas, he is from Arizona so he knows about Thanksgiving. He offered us Elders a free Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday! So that should be fun.

That is about it for this week. I hope that this has been a great week. Enjoy the weather, have fun, and you are all loved and missed!

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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