Daaaaa RUINS!!!!

Hey, so how are we this week? Good, good.

Well, to just clear the ice, many people have been talking to me about the earthquake that happened in San Marcos Guatemala this past week. We were on the bus to the mission nurse, and we got a call from some Hermanas freakin’ out about some earthquake asking if we were okay. I said, “uh…. yea were fine???” So we did not feel anything because we were on the bus to Xela to see the mission nurse. However, the earthquake was felt here in Huehue. 5.2 on the richer scale. In San Marcos, just up above us, it was 7.2 or something. Many deaths, lots of tragedy. It has been an interesting week in that aspect.

As for Elder Rios, he is doing great, and we have been up and working again which has been wonderful. We go again on Thursday to the mission nurse to do a quick check up. I hope things go well!

Anyway… so this P-day was special because our district/zone did very well this week, we got to go to the Zaculeu RUINS! Ancient, real Mayan ruins people. It was sick nasty. There are original Mayan people there who still do altar sacrifices. I wasn’t able to get a picture, but believe me, killing cows, prayers not spoken in Spanish, but in Mam and Quiche. It was nuts. We took a million pics. I have included some jewels.

Now that we are back up to speed, we have a lot of hopes for this week. 3 areas in our district have baptism dates, and so I think that means that it is our turn =). We should do great. We have been working and praying and fasting for this area, and I know we’ll get a good breakaway very soon.

I love you all. I hope that this week has been well. Enjoy the weather, enjoy Little Caesars pizza (I’ve been missin’ their $5 larges lately) and enjoy 4 more years of Obama!

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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1 Response to Daaaaa RUINS!!!!

  1. Elder Seth Miskin says:

    Elder Snow!!!! Te extrañoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Eres SUERTE!!! Tengo celos! 😡 Sé que tu mamá publicó esa página, pero…….

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