Adios Elder Rios!

Dumps, what a week!!

Firstly. Elder Rios. We had a visit with Elder Duncan of the Seventy on Wednesday. He wanted to meet Elder Rios personally to see what would be done about his hurt hip. So the assistants told us to meet in some chapel in Xela. We go there, expecting to meet Elder Duncan or the assistants; however, we run into a dentist, from Las Vegas, named Doctor Woodbury, and his beautiful blonde assistant. I surprisingly (This was the first white normal person I have seen in months) said, hello and asked him if he saw any of the other Elders. He told me to check the gym of the chapel. We go inside, and it was FILLED with white dentists, doctors, etc. all from Utah and Las Vegas, and their blonde single women assistants. I nearly died. My missionary goggles came immediately off, and I got to smell perfume, drink A&W Root Beer, and eat Chips Ahoy cookies.

Anyway, Elder Duncan himself finally came, asked me to help out some of the dentists with their work, so I sat down next to a doctor Bob Rogers from Sandy Utah, and I made filling for teeth, sucked bloody saliva, and saw how real dentists do their job. It was pretty gross, but interesting. I have attached one of the funniest pictures I have ever seen. This guy did NOT want to smile for the picture. His teeth were particularly bad.

So Elder Rios talked with Elder Duncan, and they came to the conclusion that he should go back to the states to finish his treatment. He was very sad, but lots of people have been very supportive, and it has helped him get through it.

As for me, I will train again in a week. We have a giant group of 60 new Elders coming in, and I get to be one of the trainers. That should be fun. I will still be district leader, and I will be in the same area for 3 more months =-/. That I am not so thrilled about, but hey that’s okay. Gotta do what ya gotta do.

I am in a trio with some Elders in my district until I get my new kid next week. We are working both areas together! How crazy is that!!

As of now, Elder Rios is on his way to the USA. He should be there by Thursday. He was an excellent companion, and I will never forget the guy. He was awesome.

On a lighter note, we had Thanksgiving! Hermano Enrique from Cafe Zumbas is from Arizona, so he knows about Thanksgiving, and offered a massive Thanksgiving dinner to all the Elders for only 35 Quetzales ($5). It was wonderful. Every Huehuetenango Missionary was there. It was a lot of fun.

Fun fact! There is a Spanish gibberish. I am learning it right now. It is hard to understand, but easy to write. It is fun!

Other than that, we have another 40 contacts week. That should be fun. The mission goes on. I complete 6 months this week! Boy the time flies. I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving. 4 more weeks then things will be a lot more fun. Take it easy. I love you all!

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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  1. Kathryn says:

    Since when do you like blonde girls?

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