Elder SnowI plan on celebrating this week by eating an entire chocolate ice cream cake all by myself. There is a very popular ice cream company here called Sarita, and they make PUAK (money in Quiche), because it is still very hot here in Huehue. There are a lot of them too, so I am very excited… but FIRST!

While Elder Rios was gone, I was put into a trio with my neighbors in an area called Las Rosas. An Elder Leguizamo from Ecuador, and my good pal/brother Elder Thomas. Yup…. another trio. Hey it wasn’t too bad though. We actually had a baptism. We got lots of good work done. It was nice to be back to my 100% missionary potential.

I will be training again, though. I go tomorrow to pick up my new kid! GAH! I feel like I have done this so many times. I hope this new one is as good as Elder Rios. He was a good companion. BUT we’ll see tomorrow!

Fun fact for you. I have attatched a picture of the top left corner of the ”Christ coming to the Americas” painting. Why? Because Spongebob is on it!! If you look closely, you can see it. It is engraved on one of the walls. Now you’ll never look at that painting the same ever again….. =)

Other than that, nothing much really happened. Found and incinerated giant spiders… chatted with very drunk men about God, and bought some more Christmas stuff for the apartment. I love Christmas. I can’t wait for it. I hope that everyone is as ready for it as I am =) Until then, I love you all. Take it easy, and have fun!

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

Sponge Bob

Sponge Bob

My trio

My trio

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