There is something I need to learn

Elder SnowHey! Elder Rios emailed me! He is well… he has 6 weeks of physical therapy ahead of him. Luckily the problem was found, and he is on his way back to the mission in about 9 weeks.

So our ZL had divisions with us this week. The one who came with me has 15 months in the mission, and is one of the best missionaries I know. He taught me a LOT about the mission, and how to really get work done. He says that people work too hard, but not very intelligently. He is very VERY good at contacting, and taught me a lot. I realized with him, that I had not been working in the best way possible, but he did say that he was very impressed with me. He asked me, ”Why do you think you are not having baptisms in this area? Because I really don’t know. I look around, everything is clean, orderly, you made a giant map of your area all by yourself, you are obedient, you work hard, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have baptisms.” I told him that I didn’t know… but Elder Rios taught me that everything has a purpose, so I essentially just told him that there is something that I need to learn.

It was great to talk to you guys! Also thank you for your words about Grandma. They were very nice. They also really helped a lot. I felt like I was wasting my time out here, but now I feel like I am affecting more people than just those here in GUATEMALA!!!

Hey it was great to talk to you again =) I hope that your week goes well. I pray for you guys. Take it easy. I love you! =)

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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