I have walked 900 miles

Elder SnowHey! Christmas Blog Update!

First of all, for those of you who sent me letters in my Christmas package, THANK YOU! It was awesome to hear from all of you. I got some pretty cool stuff.

Firstly We had a Zone gift exchange (white elephant err something) I had a corte tie made for only 19 quetz, and it was pretty legit, and in return I got more Hand sanitizer. I do have quite a bit of hand sanitizer, so it was not well received unfortunately. Hey I’m not complaining, here in Huehue, it is nice to have Hand Sanitizer, but still… I mean… I gave a corte tie… Meh oh well. I will enjoy my clean hands for now I suppose.

We had a campfire and roasted marshmallows as well. It was pretty fun! But the best part was when my camera died. At 12 o’clock midnight, every single person in Huehuetenango set off at least one massive firework, and didn’t stop for 45 minutes! It was pretty dang legit. I have never seen a cheaper, but cooler firework show in my whole life. They say that the same thing happens again for new year, so hopefully my camera will have battery for tonight.

That was about it this week. Not much else to say, except for the fact that this week I will have walked 900 miles in my mission, I have completed 7 months in the mission, and I have attatched a picture of a leaf bug! Those things are real! And super tight. So enjoy. Other than that, not much. Happy New Year to everyone. I hope that everything goes well this week. Have fun!

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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