Daaaaa New Year’s

Elder SnowPretty Interesting week. Many many fireworks… all over Huehuetenango. I have included a few pics.

In South America it is a tradition to burn a ”viejo” or a doll dressed up as an old man, to introduce the new year. We did the same since some Elders in our Zona are from Ecuador and Peru. A very special elder created the doll… and filled it with gas and fireworks… it was very interesting to watch. I have decided to not include photos of this event as my camera was not out to take photos of it. A bit too dangerous for me. Lemme just tell you that it was fun to watch =).

I have a very nice tailor in our ward, who got a hold of some Todos Santos Pants, and decided to make me some =). I have attached a picture of all of the fabric he had to use to make them =). I am a bit big for these people.

We went to a zipline for P day today! My first time! It was a blast. The best one was 700 meters long… and was about 500 ft high off the ground. It was a blast.

Last week of the change. I hope that things end well. I love you all. Take it easy this week!

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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