Wonderful people. Wonderful culture.

Elder SnowI am in the city! It is an area called Patzite, but parts of it are in villages that only speak Quiche. I have started to learn it. It is tough! But it is absolutely beautiful!

We have a great area. Things are very different. We have cold showers, and we go to Xela once a month with a giant suitcase to buy a months worth of food, but other than that it is absolutely beautiful here. Wonderful people. Wonderful culture.

My comp is called Elder Lares. I am finishing his training. We are getting along fine. I had him show me all of his investigators this week. We dropped like 10. They just were not progressing. BUT! We have great investigators, and a lot of work ahead of us! We have a baptism date this weekend.

We are gonna need a lot of patience. There is a lot of work to do, but that is normal.
That’s all for now. I love you all. I hope that you have a great week!

Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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